Seggiano Range

They not only taste fantastic but SEGGIANO foods are GMO-free and made without artifice or the use of preservatives and industrial processing.

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The Seggiano Story

Seggiano is the name of the small hilltop village on Monte Amiata in southern Tuscany, where Peri Eagleton and David Harrison have farmed organic olives since 1985.

Twenty years ago they started selling their local Olivastra Seggianese extra virgin olive oil and a selection of wonderful artisan foods from small family food producers. Their brand is SEGGIANO, named in honour of the village where the story started.

Grown with an uncompromising commitment to ethical ingredients and food production, healthy delicious eating and a love of simple, genuine Italian food.

With over 20 years in the business, SEGGIANO is still the choice of Real Food lovers and we are pleased to be stockists for many of their products here at ingredients.

Taste of Italy Hamper
An outstanding selection of the finest Italian products.
Seggiano Kamut Digestive Biscuits
Handmade Italian vegan digestive biscuits. 170g
Seggiano Orange & Walnut...
Handmade Tuscan biscotti biscuits. 200g
Seggiano Taggiasca Olivie Lingue
Handmade Italian flatbreads with Taggiasca olives. 120g
Seggiano Rosemary Lingue
Light & crispy handmade flatbreads flavoured with rosemary. 120g
Seggiano Tropea Onion Grissini
Handmade classic Italian breadsticks flavoured with Tropea onions. 150g
Strianese San Marzano DOP...
Full-flavoured Italian whole peeled tomatoes. 400g
Seggiano Organic Arrabbiata Chilli...
Organic fiery pasta sauce made using quality ingredients. 350g
Seggiano Organic Puttanesca Pasta...
Organic chunky pasta sauce packed with Leccino olives and Mediterranean capers. 350g
Seggiano Black Kale Pesto
A hearty black kale pesto. Gluten Free & vegan friendly. 200g
Seggiano Organic Tomato Passata
A cupboard essential made using organically grown tomatoes. 690g
Seggiano Organic Premium Sicilian...
Made of high summer fresh-off-the-vine tomatoes giving a full & rich flavour. 500g
Seggiano Organic Sicilian Cherry...
Organic salsa made from the Marasca variety of cherry tomato. Gluten Free & vegan friendly. 330g
Seggiano Wild Red Rice
Specialist wild red rice. Gluten Free & vegan friendly. 500g
Seggiano Organic Black Nerone...
Speciality, certified organic, vacuum sealed black nerone rice. 500g
Seggiano Organic Liquorice
Pure organic liquorice lozenges in a small tin. Gluten Free & vegan friendly. 10g
Seggiano Organic Toscani Pasta
Premium quality toscani pasta made using organic Tuscan durum wheat. 375g
Seggiano Organic Conchiglie Pasta
Premium quality conchiglie pasta made using organic Tuscan durum wheat. 250g
Seggiano Organic Linguine Pasta
Premium quality linguine pasta made using organic Tuscan durum wheat. 250g
Seggiano Organic Pappardelle Pasta
Premium quality pappardelle pasta made using organic Tuscan durum wheat. 375g
Seggiano Organic Tagliatelle Pasta
Premium quality tagliatelle pasta made using organic Tuscan durum wheat. 375g
Seggiano Organic Fusilli Pasta
Premium quality fusilli pasta made using organic Tuscan durum wheat. 500g
Seggiano Organic Paccheri Pasta
Premium quality paccheri pasta made using organic Tuscan durum wheat. 375g
Seggiano Organic Spaghetti alla...
Premium quality spaghetti pasta made with organically grown Tuscan durum wheat. 375g
Seggiano Chocolate Saturnelle Biscotti
Tuscan handmade biscuits. 200g
Seggiano Cantuccini Biscotti
Crunchy almond biscuits, which the Italians traditionally enjoy dipped in Vin Santo after a meal. 200g
Seggiano Lunaio Italian Extra...
Lunaio extra virgin olive oil is made predominantly from the Olivastra Seggianese olive, unique To the valleys of southern Tuscany. 500ml
Seggiano Baked Fig Ball
Slow-baked figs wrapped in green fig leaves.  200g
Seggiano Classic Grissini
Handmade classic Grissini breadsticks. 120g
Seggiano Classic Mini Lingues
Mini classic flatbreads perfect for picnics, packed lunches & buffets. 100g
Seggiano Classic Lingue
Light & crispy classic handmade flatbreads. 120g
Seggiano Organic Marinara Pasta...
A classic Marinana recipe with fresh garlic. Gluten Free & vegan friendly. 350g
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